Zac and Casey went to AR for the Airspeed footwear bentonville bash demo for the Girls and Boys Club this past weekend along with Reliance’s Brian Sumner, 1031′s Kristian Svitek and Legend Christian Hosoi!

After Shredding !

The Krew !

On the flight home with WEEMAN!


A day in the LBC

The Siren Squad has been pushing hard to finish filming for the Burl Factor vid bonus parts coming spring 12.

Casey, Chris, Reliance’s Deezle and Logan getting the game plan.

Chris hard at it!!

Long Beach Aquarium

Casey waiting his turn.

Go Go Go!

Deezle Chasing Boards

Chris hanging on for dear life!

Chris stackin clips..

Tough Day at the Office

Zac and Brian were filming the other day and got some good footage!

But Zac did pay the price early on!

Oh boy!!

AGENDA Long Beach, CA

We had a great time with our NEW distribution Family @ Agenda Trade Show the past few days!

It was great talking to all of our new friends and we look forward to a great 2012!

The Switchboard SetUp!!

Switchboard VP Mark Sweetser selling the Brands to the Vans Chain!

Casey Came by with Zac and TM Damin

Jim Muir (dogtown founder) along with Todd Swank talking at the Switchboard booth!

Casey and Friends

Casey and Siren filmer Adam were at Supra Last night shredding with Brad, Cody, Burk and the Legendary Christian Hosoi!!
Anytime your with Christian Hosoi you got to get a photo and post it!…Awesome Man Of God!!!

Zac, Casey & J-Love

These Dudes have been killin themselves lateley…and you ask why?…

Deadline for there parts in the upcoming Burl Factor Video is only days away!!

Casey, Zac and Jordan in Vegas contemplating there next move!!

Is the meeting with Pop Dee going good ?…Im sure he is saying get clips and gettum quick at all costs!!

Looks like another meeting this time with Jordan!! Footage Jordo FOOTAGE!!

Stay tuned!!!!! We will keep you Posted…



After Paramount we headed out for dinner and got up and on the road at 530 am…which included a pick up of Zac Archuleta and Richard Jefferson.

Chief Weigele back at the wheel again for the Last leg of the tour!

Gas ur up!!

Leg Stretch and skate sesh at the gas station..

Brian Grippin a new one!!

Boys Chillin

Desert Breeze

Gettin the locals to say BURL FACTOR BABY

Dave, Brian, Richard and the boys made some friends and got into some discussions !

The Krew filmed a minute then pop dee got on the phone to get things movin to the next park!

Casey Gettin a few clips..

This park was the best of the trip so far…

Zac gettin clips!!

After a shred fest Brian brought the good news!!

We went to a few more skateparks to share the gospel and throw out a bunch of product…

On the Home stretch of the tour 15 days in we needed a LIL pick me up so CHief hooked up the starbuck KKSM RV style…

Making decisions..

Reliance and Siren decks along with SKatebible DVDs, Truth Soul Armor Gear and Airspeed Shoes were thrown to EVERY crowd at 30 skateparks!!

After a long day the krew hit there fave spot!!…In and Out…

Then to Austins to Sac out!!!

Brian Shreddin the Breakin Bread skatepark..

After the demo Richard Jefferson brought the good news of Jesus Christ !!

and after the bibles were handed out the product toss went off and this lucky dude walked away with a Siren Deck!!

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