Morning Bible Study with the KKSM Krew, In the Calvary Chapel San Jose skaters apartment…Thanks to Homie and KKSM Norcal leader Danny Sanchez!!

Casey BS flip over cans and such!

The locals at the first park of the day Roosevelt in San Jose

After RELIANCE PRO Luke Braddock Tore the park up he got the opportunity to share with the locals after the product toss!

The Few left standing!

KKSM Tour Veterans Luke and his wife Tonishia Braddock .. on the way to Sunset skatepark

Sunset skatepark was amazing…locals were rad

Casey signing Burl Tour posters and handing out Skatebible DVDs to the skateboarders!

Reality indoor Skatepark San Jose

Prayer Sesh before skating with paster Albert!! Thanks for there hospitality!!

Nice little set up for the local Groms..

After Dave Voetberg shut down the demo with a HUGE backside flip over a building Luke and Richard Brought the good news…

Celebration time!!


Casey Filming Dave on the rickety old Bay Pier as Chief was out there paddle boarding with the Great whites of the Sea!!

Dave out in front of DAVE’S in China Town!

TEAM MGR Damin LUJAN, Casey and Dave eating Chinese food in well….China town!!!

Plenty of china toys in chinatown!!!

After a Day of fliming in S.F. we are NOW on the way to Portland, OR!!!